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Kneading Bodyworks

Results geared massage therapy.


We are all creatures of habit. With habits come repetitive motion, behaviors and stressors in our minds and bodies. Throughout time this will manifest through muscular pain and imbalances in our ‘physical body’ and fatigue and stress in our ‘mental’ and ‘emotional’ bodies; resulting in a decreased productivity, functionality and appetite for living life. To create a balance in the ‘physical’ body will allow us to also create a balanced and calm mind allowing all your ‘bodies’ to seamlessly interconnect so you can function at your bodies peak.

Education and Certifications:

*Atlanta School of Massage

*Orthopedic pelvis stabilization upper body, lower body & extremities (James Waslski)

*Reiki Master (Usuri and Tibetan)

*Integrated Reflexology (Clare Marie Miller)

*Thai Massage

*CPR, First Aide, AED, WSI, and RYT


*Orthopedic Massage *Myofascial Release

*Sports Massage *Neuromuscular Massage

*Deep Tissue

*Kinesio Taping

*Thai Massage

*Reiki (energy healing)